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Written by: BCIB

As of September 30th, 2023, BCIB has employed more than three thousand tradespeople. They have worked more than four million hours on Community Benefits Agreement projects. That makes BCIB one of the province’s largest and fastest growing construction employers. As the Employer, BCIB has payroll data across projects and can track various equity statistics. These stats provide project owners, contractors, and British Columbians important measurements of success for these publicly funded projects. Here are just a few highlights from the start of projects to September 23rd, 2023:

  • 90% of BCIB employees on CBA projects live in BC, working 90% of the hours.
  • 72% of the hours worked across projects by BCIB employees have been worked by locals, those living within 100 km. Locals account for 72% of our workforce.
  • 15% of BCIB’s tradespeople have been Indigenous, compared to the BC construction industry average of less than 5%.
  • 10% of our tradespeople have been women, more than double the industry average of 4.5%. Women have worked 10% of our hours.
  • 14% of our trades employees have been apprentices or trainees.

Our statistics and figures are impressive, but they only tell part of the story. That’s why we invite employees who are building their careers and a human legacy, share their unique point of view:

Meet Bubba, a Red Seal plumber, respected Quw’utsun Knowledge Sharer, and BCIB’s workforce coach and cultural advisor on the Cowichan District Hospital Replacement Project. Bubba provides direct support to Indigenous and non-Indigenous employees, such as transition-to-work supports and career mentorship. On the jobsite, Bubba is making the on-site worker experience more culturally relevant and respectful by sharing cultural teachings, experiences, and wisdom through BCIB’s Respectful Onsite Initiative training. For more information about the Cowichan District Hospital Replacement Project visit

Discover Bubba’s Journey: Explore the Cowichan District Hospital Replacement Project by Watching Here!

Meet Alexia, a Waterproofer on the Broadway Subway Project and a member of the LiUNA Local 1611.

“This is one of my favourite jobs I’ve ever had. I get really excited every day going to work. I love my coworkers. I love the environment I work in. I love the job that I do.

“I first started at BCIB as a flagger. Learning on the job, I moved over into general labour and then to waterproofing. … For women who are thinking about going into the trades, I would say, always put yourself out of your comfort zone.”

“I would say this is honestly one of the most diverse projects I’ve worked on, ever! I’ve got the opportunity to meet a lot of great women on this project.”

~Alexia, Waterproofer on the Broadway Subway Project