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Written by: Rejoe Mohan (CIRP), Edited by: Joseph Lee (CIRP)

CIRP was established in the mid-1980s to provide services to men and women in the construction industry struggling with substance use issues. As the program has evolved, CIRP’s mission has expanded to not only offer the highest quality mental health and addiction services for construction workers but also services grounded in evidence and empirically based practices. By providing support and resources, CIRP aims to help workers stay healthy, productive, and contribute to building a safer and more sustainable industry.

Recently, CIRP has reflected this philosophy with a new development – and today, we are proud to announce the introduction of an app that reflects this idea – BuildStrong.

The BuildStrong app is an exclusive resource available only to members of CIRP and their families. It is a groundbreaking and essential tool that supports construction workers in taking care of their mental health. It is built on four core principles – convenience, empowerment, support, and accessibility, aimed at helping the construction industry and workers.

Through the app, users have access to a range of health resources that can help address substance use concerns and improve their mental health. Among these resources, there is a unique feature known as the “Use Alone” timer, which has the potential to save lives. The “Use Alone” timer is designed with the potential to save lives and will send emergency services to a user’s location if they become unresponsive after consuming substances.

However, the BuildStrong app is not limited to supporting those with substance use concerns. It offers numerous resources for anyone looking to improve their overall mental well-being. Users can access videos that discuss methods to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression, helping their mental health. Additionally, the app includes tailored Toolbox Talks that are centered around mental health topics. These topics help users address stigma, access support, and are backed by research.

Overall, BuildStrong is an essential app for construction workers to prioritize their mental health and well-being. By providing access to critical resources and support, the app empowers workers to improve their overall health and work towards building a safer and more sustainable industry, and building stronger workers.

From CLR:

In line with CIRP’s commitment to worker well-being, the CLR team conducted our most recent Speaker Series webinar on June 13th, which was dedicated to the BuildStrong App launch.

Our goal was to emphasize the importance of addressing substance use and related mental health challenges in the construction industry. The event drew interest from our members and highlighted the innovative BuildStrong app as a powerful solution.

During the webinar, attendees gained valuable insights into the transformative capabilities of the BuildStrong app.

As a follow-up to the webinar, we will be sharing an information package containing comprehensive details about the services offered by CIRP, including the BuildStrong app and the new opioid-free treatment provided free of charge to CLR members. This initiative underscores our commitment to supporting the well-being of construction industry professionals and building a resilient workforce.