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With new technologies and digital tools becoming more commonplace across various industries, the construction sector is not necessarily pioneering the trend. A report done by a team at the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, and supported by the Future Skills Centre, attempts to answer the question why.

Research findings obtained from interviews and surveys of 14 leaders in construction as well as companies that innovate specifically for the sector, address the factors contributing to the low rate of technological innovation adoption in the construction industry.

Researchers found that only 7% of construction businesses had adopted software or databases for purposes other than telework or online sales and only 3% had automated certain tasks, which significantly varies from the technology adoption rates of other industries.

At the same time, tough competition, thin profit margins and high liability create an environment that leads to a lack of information sharing across the industry.
Meanwhile, investing in building science and skilled trades would not only elevate the number of qualified people in the field, but it would also make the industry younger, more technologically aware and willing to take risks.

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