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This week, Premier David Eby unveiled a significant development: a mandatory provision for workers to access flushable toilets on construction sites with 25 or more people.

While not entirely unexpected, this remarkable milestone signifies a momentous stride toward worker welfare. The origins of this initiative lie in the impactful “Get Flushed” lobbying campaign championed by BC Building Trades.

At CLR, we support improvements to worksite facilities, and we support the BCBT advocacy efforts in this regard. Our position though comes with some caveats. Specifically, any requirements must be applied uniformly across the construction industry, ensuring equal application on all job sites, and equal enforcement by the regulatory authority on these sites. By being uniformly applied, these provisions should not impact the competitiveness of contractor bids on projects as the costs of compliance would be the same for all. Our support is also contingent on the availability of such facilities in the market for contractors to access. The current number of facilities to meet the demand is uncertain but understood to be insufficient to meet the needs of our industry under the expected requirements, so any regulatory decisions must consider an appropriate timeframe for implementation

As of the publication date of this CLR CONNECTOR, we only know that Premier David Eby will make the flushable toilet requirement mandatory for construction sites with 25 or more people. Further, it remains unclear when the flushable toilet requirement will come into effect or how it will be regulated. CLR will continue informing our member contractors of the new requirements as they become available. Contact CLR staff if you have any questions regarding the announcement from Premier David Eby.