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Collective Bargaining

With industry negotiations behind us, we have shifted our focus not only to collective agreement drafting but also to preparation for negotiations with six groups that are not part of BCBCBTU.

Collective Agreement Drafting

CLR staff continues to collaborate with each of the affiliate unions to draft new collective agreements that incorporate all the negotiated changes. As of the publication date of this newsletter, fifteen new agreements have been signed and almost all the agreements have at least one fully drafted document out for review. As agreements are finalized and signed, they will be posted on CLR’s website under the Collective Agreements, BCBCBTU Agreements page, which can be found here. If you have any questions regarding the changes in the signed or draft agreements, please don’t hesitate to contact CLR staff.

2024 Wage Adjustment

Just a note to make you aware that the next wage increase for almost all the collective agreements negotiated with the Bargaining Council will be on April 28, 2024.  If you are signatory to one of the unions and have not received the wage by the end of March, please contact CLR staff who will be able to provide you with the information.

Industry Event

The BC Labour Code celebrated its 50th anniversary in November. CLR representatives were able to attend this milestone event hosted by the Labour Relations Board where there were opportunities to network with mediators, arbitrators, and peers.