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Employers will have access to more free online resources helping them build and maintain psychologically safe and healthy workplaces thanks to a $700,000 provincial grant to the B.C. division of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA-BC).

The three-year grant allows CMHA-BC to expand BC’s Hub for Workplace Mental Health to include an interactive module to help employers:

  • better understand the importance of psychological safety in the workplace;
  • identify and remove barriers to employment; and
  • build skills that support the success of all employees, including those with mental illnesses and addictions.

BC’s Hub for Workplace Mental Health was originally tailored to people working in tourism, hospitality and social services, who were significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. With this grant, CMHA-BC will leverage the hub’s existing infrastructure to expand its focus, aiming to help people working in all sectors who want to foster more inclusive workplaces.

The $700,000 provincial grant to expand BC’s Hub for Workplace Mental Health comes from the 2022-23 Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement. Under this agreement, the Province receives more than $300 million each year to fund employment services and supports, mainly through the 102 WorkBC centres throughout the province.

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