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Commencing January 1, 2024, the provincial government mandates the licensing of asbestos abatement contractors operating in B.C., marking a pioneering move in Canada as the first jurisdiction to introduce such a requirement for this line of work.

In an effort to enhance the safety of asbestos abatement workers, amendments to the Workers Compensation Act were implemented in spring 2022, stipulating that contractors undertaking this work must hold a valid license. Furthermore, these contractors are obligated to employ only trained and certified workers for asbestos abatement tasks.

Starting September 2023, WorkSafeBC will begin accepting license applications from contractors engaged in asbestos abatement projects across the province. By the conclusion of 2023, a comprehensive registry of licensed contractors will be made publicly available.

Moreover, the Act revisions grant WorkSafeBC the authority to administer a certification program for individuals involved in asbestos abatement work. The mandatory training for worker certification is scheduled to commence during the upcoming summer.”

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