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The fifth industrial revolution is known as Industry 5.0 and is required to provide better interaction between humans and machines to achieve effective and faster outcomes. Digital technologies provide a new paradigm in manufacturing and construction, which focuses on a 4-point framework: People, Collaboration, Sustainability, and Technology.

Human-Centric Project Execution

In highly complex Industrial projects, “once the system reaches steady-state, incremental improvements often aren’t feasible. Shifting an operating system often requires substantial design, new equipment or software, and capital investment. Therefore, innovation can be unwelcomed” (Industry 5.0 in Engineering and Construction).

Industry 5.0 empowers people and promotes digital literacy, combining human creative potential with advanced technology to drive innovation.

This new paradigm will demand greater creativity in the early project planning stages, to improve overall project delivery models and construction execution strategies.


Collaborative contracting models are integral to achieving success in an Industry 5.0 environment. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and shared risk-reward contract models will become more prevalent. Project stakeholders will be expected to act and contract in ways that positively impact the project outcome.


Industry 5.0 will prioritize system resilience over system stability. “In the industrial project space, this means that rapidly deployable software with flexible workflow options will be preferred over highly rigid, process-driven tools.”

Digital twins are fundamental to 5.0 projects as information hubs, connecting technology and project teams: engineers, project managers, construction team members, and operations personnel.


A strong environmental focus will become integral to project success. Industry 5.0 teams will work collectively to mitigate environmental risks, focus on resource efficiency, and integrate sustainable production methods. In Industry 5.0 sustainability is an obligation.

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