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Welcome to the February edition of the CLR CONNECTOR.

To kick off the new year’s series of our periodical communications to our members, we are pleased to present you with some fresh industry news, analytics, upcoming CLR events and updates from our partners.

As many of you are aware, 2022 is a significant year in the labour relations cycle: a new round of bargaining is starting for CLR and the Bargaining Council. As we are navigating you through the bargaining process, we strongly encourage our members to follow CLR’s regular communications and special alerts. As you may have noticed they now come from separate accounts: we use CLR-Info to provide you with our regular informational updates, including our COVID-19 situation newsletter, CONNECTOR and CLR Council Corner. The newly introduced CLR-Alerts will be your channel to receive our top priority messages, such as bulletins, changes to employment laws, WorkSafeBC updates, government updates and public orders. In addition, we use CLR-Events to notify you of what we are planning in terms of educational programs, informational sessions or – if the situation permits – some exciting personal gatherings.

In this issue, you will find detailed information on the new episode of CLR’s Speaker Series through which our expert staff will explain the purpose behind establishing the bargaining protocol and the collective bargaining process. We encourage you to participate in this virtual event, which we hope will provide valuable insights into the bargaining process and how employers can contribute and ensure their interests are communicated.

Evolving economic and public challenges that we as an industry continue to face will undoubtedly take some central spots in our ad-hoc communications and periodicals. As you review the economic outlook articles we have prepared for this edition and learn more about future trends, some recurring topics will come as no surprise. With growing inflation rates, consistently high demand in the labour market, and supply chain issues continuing to hit the economy, the labour market trends will likely appear even more critical than before. We want to urge you once again to take seriously the Labour Market Study we have been consistently communicating about and encouraging you to take part in. When the new reminder comes to your inbox – please, take the time to provide your input into this critical provincial initiative. We thank those of you who have already done so and contributed your organization’s data into the labour market study pool.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation on this strategic initiative that is crucial to the future of the construction industry in B.C.

We hope you enjoy the February CONNECTOR. As always, we look forward to hearing from you. Any questions, comments or ideas are welcome!

Stay safe,

Ken McCormack, President and CEO