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Welcome to the April edition of the CLR CONNECTOR.

Last month we launched and successfully completed our periodical membership satisfaction survey – an effective feedback tool that has become a tradition for CLR to gauge how well we are meeting the needs of our members. Your feedback is always considered in our ongoing efforts to add value for your support.

We were grateful to learn from your largely positive feedback on CLR’s services to you, most notably in the areas of collective bargaining, labour relations and human resources. Our respondents also indicated the importance of the educational programs CLR provides, such as ©Better SuperVision, networking opportunities, advocacy efforts and a variety of communications channels we utilize to keep our members informed.

We were pleased to see your high ratings of our newly launched website, both in its content and ease of navigation, as well as the visual presentation of material.

Our Speaker Series is gaining popularity, and in this issue we are happy to provide you with details on the upcoming episode in May focusing on encouraging greater participation of women in the construction industry. Your insightful ideas about what topics you would like us to explore in future episodes, and what areas of concern you need us to advocate for on your behalf are appreciated.

It is an invaluable resource for our organization to collect your firsthand opinions, suggestions and comments, which we will be eager to use as a foundation for the improvement and strengthening of our value to you.

We hope you will be interested to learn more about educational and networking opportunities we are planning for you, and that you will find useful a compilation of articles on labour market and industry news we have gathered.

Enjoy the April edition, and please connect with us if you want to share any questions, comments or ideas.

Stay safe,

Ken McCormack, President and CEO