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Representatives from the construction industry have reviewed policies from various jurisdictions and considered recommendations from the British Columbia Law Institute on the Builders Lien Act. They have now begun a crucial consultation process to develop prompt payment legislation in British Columbia. The Civil & Criminal Policy and Legislation Division of the Ministry of Attorney General in British Columbia welcomes your input. Your participation and insights are greatly appreciated.

CLR staff are actively engaged and represent our association in the Working Group.

Action Required:

RSVP: To participate in the process, please email
Specify whether you will be actively contributing to discussions or attending as an observer.

Meetings will commence in January and are scheduled for at least once a month, taking place in the evenings. These sessions are open to all who are interested, particularly professionals within the construction industry. We encourage you to share this information with others who may be interested. The consultations will be conducted online using MS Teams.


British Columbia Law Institute’s Report on the Builders Lien Act