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Construction workers account for a disproportionate number of overdose deaths. Through the pandemic, the opioid crisis has further worsened. The Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan (CIRP) is a union and employer-funded organization dedicated to providing treatment for substance use and related mental health issues.

As we communicated earlier, CIRP is in the process of assessing how to best meet the needs of B.C. construction workers and their families.

Additionally, CIRP continues to try and secure a government partnership to build and operate its own residential treatment center. To support the case for government funding, CIRP is undertaking a data-collection process in the form of cross-industry worker surveys that will highlight the extent of the impact of the opioid crisis on the construction sector. This, and other data, will be shared with the construction industry through a series of forums to be delivered on November 14th (Nanaimo) November 16th (Burnaby), and November 21st (Prince George). The lunch will be provided for the forum participants.

Both the forums and the surveys are open to ALL construction workers, unionized and non.

Please register for the CIRP industry forums using the following link.

Link to the survey:¬† Worker’s Survey. The survey takes no more than 2 to 3 minutes and the responses are 100% anonymous. The survey will continue to run ongoing until November 14th, when the first forum takes place.

We appreciate your time and cooperation!