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As a new member of the CLR team, it is a pleasure to introduce myself as the new Director of Health and Safety at CLR. As a health and safety professional, I have worked in many heavy industrial workplaces including shipyards and container terminals. Over my career, I have had the opportunity to support member companies of the BC Maritime Employers Association to develop safety and training programs and provide guidance regarding health and safety regulations. Through my journey, I have experienced the powerful tool of collaboration when solving health and safety issues.  Collaborating with industry colleagues not only leads to quicker solutions, but also allows the industry to learn and grow together while creating exceptional safety programs and healthy and safe workplaces. My overall objective at CLR is to collaborate with our members and your entire team, become a reliable resource, and advocate for CLR member companies on all relevant occupational health and safety matters.

In the short term, I look forward to the re-launch of our CLR website’s health and safety section where members will be able to source valuable material for your Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) program and find recent Bulletins relating to recent regulatory updates and OHS information for the construction industry. Additionally, I look forward to supporting current CLR training programs, including @Better SuperVision for construction forepersons and administration, and bringing clarity and support to our industry’s drug & alcohol policy and testing program. Most importantly, I’m looking forward to meeting you and your team.  My motivation is driven by the quest to understand the challenges you face and the issues I can support your company with. Overall, I share everyone’s goal to provide healthy and safe workplaces for all workers and employees and I look forward to assisting our members to lead the construction industry with successful health and safety programs.