Safety in the Workplace: COVID-19 Edition

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the construction industry has been consistently and rapidly evolving to ensure workers are safe, employers have the resources they need to adhere to health & safety guidelines and both groups are supported in the process. As B.C.’s construction industry was deemed an essential service at an early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations in the construction industry have been working to provide employers and workers with the required resources to continue working safely. 
We took some time to chat with Mike McKenna, Executive Director at the B.C.…

How do Changes to the Workers Compensation Act Effect You?

As of August 14, 2020, the Workers Compensation Amendment Act, 2020, Bill 23, came into force by Royal Assent, amending 34 provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA). The amended Bill includes a number of minor amendments related to small technical corrections and improvements and addresses issues like: 

Occupational health and safety investigations and convictions;
Workers’ compensation benefits;
The powers of WorkSafeBC’s Review Division;
The powers and obligations of the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal; and
Collecting unpaid assessments.

While 34 changes were made to the act, the major changes…