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CONSTRUCTION LABOUR RELATIONS ASSOCIATION OF BC is focused on providing a comprehensive range of Labour Relations services to our members. As our organization developed over the last half-century, we have diversified our portfolio which now includes Human Resource services, a Drug & Alcohol PolicyHealth & Safety programs, Jurisdictional Assignment Plan (JAplan)Advocacy outreach, Education & Training. We invite you to learn more about each service area CLR has to offer and are happy to answer any questions you may have: Contact Us.

News & Updates

British Columbia Government Consultation on Prompt Payment Legislation

Representatives of the construction industry embark on a vital consultation journey to develop prompt payment legislation in British Columbia. Provide input to the Civil & Criminal Policy and Legislation Division of the Ministry of Attorney General in British Columbia. To participate in the process, please email For more information click on the bulletin button below.

Announcement from Premier David Eby: Construction Sites with 25 or More People Must Have Flushable Toilets

Premier David Eby, along with the BC NDP government, has unveiled plans to establish a legal mandate for flush toilets on construction sites employing 25 workers or more. At CLR, we support improvements to worksite facilities, and we support the BCBT advocacy efforts in this regard. Our position comes with some caveats. Read the bulletin here.

Additionally, our collective agreements… [Read More]