Health & Safety Services

CLR’s skilled and knowledgeable staff has extensive experience in construction industry human resources management, health & safety; and training and development. The services described below are available to both CLR members and non-member, building trades signatory contractors. Contact us for more information.

  • Health & Safety Manual
    CLR’s comprehensive Health & Safety Manual has been favourably reviewed by WorkSafe BC. It addresses all aspects of the COR National Audit Document, and can be customized to meet individual company needs.
  • Instructional DVDs
    A Supervisor’s Role: Toolbox Talks

    A supervisors’ instructional video outlining the purpose, importance, development, delivery and follow-up of health & safety meetings (Toolbox Talks).

    Incident & Accident Investigations

    Provides supervisors with a standard format for conducting effective incident and accident investigations.


  • Toolbox Talk Weekly Record Book
    A simple, effective method for recording the highlights of employee “toolbox talks” to ensure health and safety issues are identified and actioned.
  • Supervisor’s Crewmember Instructions Record Book
    BC’s OH&S Regulation requires that all new and young workers be provided appropriate health and safety orientation to the company and to a project, including ongoing worksite-specific health and safety instruction and direction as required. The Instructions Record Book provides a simple tool to supervisors to confirm they have followed due diligence in this respect.
  • Supervisor’s Crew Assessment Action Report
    Whether in terms of rewarding exceptional performance or documenting disciplinary issues, documentation is vital. The Action Report provides evidence of progressive disciplinary action, or recommendations for advancement, commendation, or advanced training.


Confidential Health & Safety Services

CLR can provide guidance and information on all aspects of your firm’s health & safety environment:


Ensure your firm’s health & safety programs are up to date and meet legislated health & safety and “due diligence” requirements, while remaining cost-effective. CLR can help by providing:

  • Objective and confidential evaluation of contractor health & safety programs, and assistance developing effective company-specific health & safety programs.
  • Assistance customizing health & safety programs for major construction projects to accommodate client needs, without the expense of program redevelopment.
  • Tailoring safe work practices and procedures to company or site specific needs.
  • Assistance developing effective health & safety program strategies and administration aids.
  • Health & Safety Committee operational guidelines to ensure committees are efficient in their deliberations and effective in their application.
  • WorkSafe BC-contractor, contractor-contractor, health & safety issue mediation to resolve issues which may require redefining of roles and responsibilities to achieve compliance with the intent of the regulations or accepted practice.


  • Accident (injury and damage) claim administration advisory consultations provide pertinent and timely information with which to limit unnecessary liability.
  • Assistance in objectively assessing whether a penalty or sanction is warranted and appropriate for an alleged infraction. Confidential assistance is also available for preparation of submissions regarding appeal of WorkSafe BC injury claims.
  • WorkSafe BC claims appeal advisory consultations provide timely advice on the process, potential liabilities and return involved in the claims appeal process.

Assessment/Penalty Consultations

  • Provide contractors with an independent source of verification that WorkSafe BC premium rates are consistent with the claims cost performance and work scope of the company.

Contractor Representations

  • Representation on both provincial and national construction employer committees to ensure that unionized contractors’ interests are being adequately represented. Includes participation on various committees within the industry and WorkSafe BC, dealing with health & safety issues which affect the day-to-day operations of union contractors.
  • CLR ensures that the voice of the unionized construction industry is heard through development and delivery of position papers regarding the impact of proposed WorkSafe BC initiatives and interpretation of health & safety legislation or policy.