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Here, at CLR, we are pleased to offer tools and resources to help you effectively communicate with your MLAs and other elected officials.  Our interest is in ensuring our member’s priorities are represented in government policy, regulations, legislation, funding, and other decisions.  Our goal is to ultimately bring security and stability to the unionized construction sector in BC.

A Collective Voice

As an organization, we strive to find efficient ways to establish common grounds for employers and our partner unions, while bringing the collective voice of our members together. Our advocacy outreach becomes one of the essential avenues we use for these purposes.

Providing Key Messages

With our members representing a vast segment of the industry demographics, we are known and heard by government influencers and decision-makers. CLR provides our members with key messages on a broad variety of advocacy topics. These include general economic issues, workforce supply, apprenticeship training, the diversity and inclusion array of conversations, health and safety issues, contractor prompt payment, Community Benefit Agreements projects, impacts on employers and workers under WorkSafeBC, and more.

Be Heard

Ensure Your Voice is Heard

We invite members to participate in meetings with elected officials. CLR will offer support in preparation for these meetings and will assist with follow-up to ensure your voice continues to be heard and considered in the decision-making process.

A Two-way Relationship with Government

We are partners with government officials, which means we make it clear to government that we are not simply here to ask for their support. We are also here to offer our input and support on matters that are important to government. It is a two-way relationship and the CLR wants to be seen, and is seen, as a valued contributor.

Become A CLR Ambassador

CLR staff and board advocacy is invaluable, but it can’t completely replace the value of our members communicating directly with their local MLA. You represent votes, jobs and economic development in your communities, and your MLA will listen.

CLR will provide assistance with developing key messages and helping you prepare for your meetings.

Join us as a valued CLR Ambassador to represent your company, your community and CLR in the essential decisions that will impact our industry tomorrow. Make your voice heard in our collective advocacy effort. If you are interested in registering as an Ambassador under the CLR advocacy program, please email We will ensure that you are on our list and included in advocacy campaigns as and when they arise.