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Since 1969, CLR’s primary objective has been to provide professional labour relations services to its union contractor members. Those efforts have also benefitted union contractors who chose to remain independent of the Association, through collective agreement negotiation and development of industry programs such as the Jurisdictional Assignment Plan (JAplan).

Collective Agreement Negotiation & Interpretation

CLR negotiates and administers in excess of 50 collective agreements on behalf of its member contractors. CLR also negotiates project-specific agreements where appropriate.

Collective Agreement Interpretation

Collective agreement provisions differ from trade to trade, or project to project.  CLR’s professional labour relations staff is available to provide interpretation and guidance on the proper application to your circumstances.

Pre-Job Conferences

Large or complex projects proceed more smoothly if the affected contractors and unions meet before commencement to resolve issues of potential conflict. CLR is available to coordinate and assist contractors with pre-job conferences upon request.

Advocacy in Grievances, Arbitrations and Illegal Work Stoppages

CLR’s labour relations staff work with CLR members to resolve grievances that may arise on the work site.  In many cases concerns can be resolved before they become formal grievances but where they cannot CLR will continue to provide assistance and support at every stage of the process.  CLR can also support with Labour Relations Board application around work stoppages and picketing.

Jurisdictional Expertise

At one time, jurisdictional disputes were one of the most common causes of work stoppages.  The Jurisdictional Assignment Plan created an efficient process to resolve these issues without site disruptions.  CLR’s labour relations staff have resources and experience available to help with the appropriate assignment of work.