Human Resource Services

  • Customizable company human resources manual
  • Better SuperVision Management/Supervisory training program
  • Industry programs developed in conjunction with the Bargaining Council of BC Building Trade Unions:
    • Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan
    • SkillPlan
    • Jurisdictional Assignment Plan
  • Assistance with Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Applications
  • Advisory services for exempt (non-bargaining unit) staff:
    • Terms and conditions of employment
    • Wage and compensation information
    • Harassment, discipline and terminations
  • Training and Development – general attendance or company-specific courses:
    • Employment Assistance Program (EAP/EFAP) seminars
    • Drug & Alcohol Policy Administration seminars
  • HR Best Practices

Better SuperVision Management/Supervisory Training Program

Better SuperVision is a comprehensive skills training and development process designed to improve and enhance the abilities of union construction supervisors. This industry-specific learning experience focuses on:

  • enhancing supervisory competencies which industry and union professionals associate with supervisory excellence;
  • meeting needs identified by the purchasers of construction services;
  • capturing the input and expertise of tradespeople directly involved in the construction process;
  • creating opportunities to improve quality and productivity by improving work procedures;
  • making job site safety a top priority and a well-supervised action item on the job.

The Better SuperVision program is designed so that both new and experienced supervisors will find the learning valuable. New supervisors will find a core foundation of skills that will propel them to success; experienced supervisors will find new solutions to issues and develop their skills to a new level.

Component I – Better SuperVision Classroom and E-Learning

E-Learning Portion: Prior to the completion of the classroom portion of the program, participants will be expected to complete an 16 hour e-learning program that has been developed by Buildforce Canada.

Classroom Portion: Participants will have the opportunity to practice and work with the information contained in the e-learning program with their peers in the industry. Three days of classroom learning focus on the following topics:

Day 1: Supervision and Leadership
  • Role of a Supervisor
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication – Listening, Giving Direction and Feedback
Day 2: Leading Groups and Teambuilding
  • Workplace Motivation
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Conducting Meetings and Presentations
  • Teams and Teamwork
Day 3: Planning, Quality and Productivity
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance and Control – Productivity Improvement
  • Introduction to Workface Planning

Component II – Leadership for Safety Excellence (1 module – 1 day classroom)

In addition to a regulatory / legal overview, candidates apply and practice their leadership skills in a variety their leadership skills in an Occupational Health and Safety Setting.

Component III – “On-The Job” Coaching of BSV Skills

Applying BSV skills in the workplace to achieve success, as well as optimal construction performance, are key program goals. The Personal Learning Plan Development Tool is used to measure successful field application. Graduates develop their own learning plan and will work with their site supervision mentor in the completion of this tool.

For more information on the Better SuperVision program, contact us.

Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan

The Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan is a joint union-management program that offers help to people in the organized construction industry – workers and their immediate families – who have problems due to alcoholism or drug addiction that are affecting their workplace performance or emotional stability.

The Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan functions on a philosophy of confidentiality and trust.

For further information, contact:


The BC Construction Industry Skills Improvement Council was developed as a joint endeavour of CLR and the various building trade unions. SkillPlan is now a nationally recognized leader in Essential Skills development and workplace education programs. SkillPlan is a not-for-profit organization with over 20 years of experience providing workplace consulting services and Essential Skills resources to the mining and construction industry, as well as other sectors.

SkillPlan designs programs that are customized to fit the needs, interests and circumstances of the workplace:

  • Design Essential Skills programs that align with industry standards.
  • Interview key personnel such as subject matter experts (e.g. instructors and senior staff) to design learning outcomes for the program.
  • Conduct needs assessments to determine program design.
  • Design curriculum materials including manuals, worksheets, and job aids.
  • Integrate Essential Skills into technical training.
  • Mentor technical training instructors with implementing the new program into technical training.
  • Mentor supervisors with implementing the new training program into the company.

For further information, contact:

  • SkillPlan
  • 405 – 3701 Hastings Street
  • Burnaby, BC
  • V5C 2H6
  • Telephone: 604 436 1126
  • Fax: 604 436 1149