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The Construction Industry of British Columbia Substance Use Testing & Treatment Program Policy was developed jointly by the Construction Labour Relations Association of BC and the Bargaining Council of BC Building Trades Unions.

The objective of the policy is to enhance safety for union workers on the job and to provide treatment and rehabilitation services for workers with substance use problems.
  • Testing can be conducted on employees who are involved in workplace accidents or near-misses, and when there is reasonable suspicion of impairment on the job.
  • Where required by clients or project owners, employees may also be subject to testing prior to starting work on a new project.
  • The objective is to ensure sobriety on the job without prying into the private after-hours activities of workers.
  • The Policy provides for a voluntary testing option under which workers can be excused from such pre-access testing.
  • The testing protocol is designed to test for current impairment only.
  • The program tests for alcohol and for a panel of common drugs including marijuana.

The Policy is Administered by CannAmm as a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the Drug & Alcohol Policy

On Tuesday October 27 CannAmm hosted a webinar with information regarding the change in TPA. The recording of the webinar can be accessed here for those who missed it live.

Reasonable Suspicion

Under the Policy, there is a requirement for supervisors to be trained in Reasonable Suspicion in order to require testing under the Reasonable Suspicion provisions. Details on this training with CannAmm will be coming soon.