• Ken McCormack President & CEO
              • Non-BCBCBTU Assignments and Related

                Main Table
                Jurisdictional Assignment Plan (JAPlan)
                Construction Industry Rehabilitation Plan
                Substance Abuse Testing & Treatment Policy Committee
                BC Construction and Maintenance Owners Forum
                Industry Project Agreements
                First Nations Liaison & Initiatives
                Pre-Job Conferences
                Government Relations
                Employer’s Forum
                WSBC Policy & Practice Consultation Committee

              • Paul Strangway Senior Director, Labour Relations

                BCBCBTU Trade Assignments

                CMAW Craft Carpenters Standard Industrial (incl. Industrial Scaffold Addendum)
                CMAW Craft Carpenters Standard Comm/Inst (incl. Industrial Scaffold Addendum)
                CMAW Craft Lathers Standard ICI
                Culinary Worker
                Inside Wiremen’s (IBEW Local 213)
                Inside Wiremen’s (IBEW Local 230)
                Inside Wiremen’s (IBEW Local 993)
                Inside Wiremen’s (IBEW Local 1003)
                Heat & Frost Insulators Standard
                IOUE Heavy Construction Standard Industrial
                IOUE Heavy Construction Standard Comm/Inst
                IOUE BelPacific/Pacific Blasting LOU
                Painters Standard Industrial
                Painters Standard Comm/Inst
                Drywall Tapers and Finishers Standard ICI
                Glaziers Standard ICI

                Non-BCBCBTU Assignments and Related

                IUOE Local 115 Pile Driving, Dipper Clamshell and Related Works
                IUOE Local 115 Geopac Inc. Pile Driving and Soil Improvement All Employee
                IUOE Local 115 Crane Rental
                UBCJA Pile Drivers Local 2404 Standard
                United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 LNS Services All Employee
                Glaziers Local 1527 Inside Glass
                Unifor Local 1928 Gunnebo Canada Inc. All Employee
                Iron Workers Shopman’s Local 712 Kitimat Iron & Metal Works Ltd. All Employee
                Teamsters Haisla Shuttle Ltd. All Employee
                Sheet Metal Workers 280 Standard Testing and Balancing
                Sheet Metal Workers 280 Standard Servicing and Cleaning

                BC Construction Camp Rules and Regulations
                Teamsters Local 213 Training Plan
                DC#38 Joint Trade Board (CLR Rep #2 of 2)

                Human Resource Services

                Personnel Relationship Issues Management
                Discipline / Termination
                Human Rights / Duty to Accommodate

              • Mike Zaine Labour Relations Adviser

                BCBCBTU Trade Assignments

                UA 324 Standard Comm/Inst
                UA 516 Refrigeration & AC (Construction)
                Roofers 280 Standard
                Sheet Metal Workers 280 Standard

                Non-BCBCBTU Assignments and Related

                UA 170 Service & Maintenance
                UA 170 Metal Trades Division Petroleum
                UA 516 Refrigeration & AC (Service & Maintenance)

              • Steve Clark Director, Labour Relations

                BCBCBTU Trade Assignments

                Boilermakers Lodge 359 Standard
                Ironworkers Standard
                Labourers Standard (Industrial)
                Labourers Standard Comm/Inst
                Labourers BelPacific/Pacific Blasting LOU
                Plasterer Helpers Standard ICI
                Mason Tenders Standard Industrial
                Mason Tenders Standard Comm/Inst
                Millwright Local 2736 Standard
                IUOE Local 115 Steel Erection
                UA Local 170 Standard Industrial
                UA 170 Standard Comm/Inst
                UA Local 324 Standard Industrial
                Teamsters Standard (Industrial)
                Teamsters Standard Comm/Inst
                Teamsters BelPacific LOU

              • Chris Mydske Director, Labour Relations

                BCBCBTU Trade Assignments

                Bricklayers Standard Industrial
                Bricklayers Standard Comm/Inst
                Terrazzo Workers Standard ICI
                Tilesetters Standard ICI
                BCRCC Craft Carpenters Standard Industrial
                BCRCC Craft Carpenters Standard Comm/Inst
                Standard Floor Covering
                Cement Masons Standard (Industrial)
                Cement Masons Standard Comm/Inst
                Craft Plasterers Standard (Industrial)
                Craft Plasterers Standard Comm/Inst
                Craft Plasterers Greer Contracting LOU

              • Joleen Kaminski Office Manager

                General Inquiries

              • Rachel Li Comptroller

                Accounts Payable

              • Sascha Swartz Labour Relations Analyst