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©Better SuperVision is a comprehensive skills training and development process designed to improve and enhance the abilities of union construction supervisors.

©Better SuperVision Supervisory Training Program

This industry-specific learning experience focuses on:

  • Enhancing supervisory competencies which industry and union professionals associate with supervisory excellence.
  • Meeting needs to be identified by the purchasers of construction services.
  • Capturing the input and expertise of tradespeople directly involved in the construction process.
  • Creating opportunities to improve quality and productivity by
    improving work procedures.
  • Making job site safety a top priority and a well-supervised action item on the job

The ©Better SuperVision program is designed so that both new and experienced supervisors will find the learning valuable. New supervisors will find a core foundation of skills that will propel them to success; experienced supervisors will find new solutions to issues and develop their skills to a new level.


Online Learning

Participants are expected to complete a sixteen (16) hour module, developed by Buildforce Canada, prior to the commencement of classroom learning.


Classroom Learning

Participants will have the opportunity to practice and work with the information contained in the online learning module with their peers in the industry.  Four (4) days of classroom work will focus on the following topics:

  • Leadership, Teambuilding, and Communication
  • Planning, Scheduling, and Productivity
  • Leading Groups, Work Performance, and Coaching/Mentoring
  • Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE)

"On-The Job" Coaching

Participants will then apply the ©Better SuperVision skills to achieve key program goals and success.  The Coaching Tool is used to measure field application.  Graduates will develop their own learning plan and work with their site supervision mentor to complete the Coaching Tool.