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Get ready for an inspiring webinar that shines a spotlight on BC Centre for Women in the Trades and the Be More Than A Bystander Program. This session is a must-attend for construction employers seeking to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace culture.

What’s on the Agenda?

Transforming Workplace Culture: Learn the critical role of addressing bullying and harassment head-on. Discover how silence contributes to the problem and get equipped with actionable strategies to evolve from passive bystanders to proactive change agents.

Allyship in Action with Be More Than A Bystander: Dive into the collaboration between BCCWITT, Ending Violence Association BC, and the BC Lions to bring a trades-focused approach to the Be More Than A Bystander program. This initiative empowers men to become allies against gender-based bullying, harassment, and violence, ensuring workplaces are welcoming and safe for everyone. Hear from Karen Dearlove, BCCWITT’s Executive Director, and Glen Williams, CLR’s Director of Health & Safety, about the program’s impact and the power of bystander intervention.

Q&A Session: Have your questions ready for Karen Dearlove and Glen Williams in an engaging Q&A session. Gain deeper insights into eradicating workplace bullying, harassment, and violence.

Meet Our Speaker:

Karen Dearlove, Executive Director of BC Centre for Women in the Trades, is a passionate advocate for women in skilled trades. With a rich background that blends academic achievement with practical experience, Karen is committed to advancing education, social justice, and workplace diversity.

Since completing a PhD in History in 2009, Karen Dearlove has worked in leadership positions in cultural, not for profit and community organizations in Ontario and British Columbia. While pursuing her academic studies Karen worked in a series of hands-on jobs, including surveying, carpentry, concrete finishing, and various positions in the fabrication of architectural grade wood doors such as CNC programming.

The session will be moderated by Glen Williams, CLR, Director, Health & Safety.

Tuesday, February 20, 10:00-11:00 am.


Featured panelists:

Karen Dearlove
Executive Director of BC Centre for Women in the Trades
James Buchan
Director, Health & Safety

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