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In the new world of work, psychological health is a key factor in health and safety.

We are excited to present a special webinar dedicated to psychological health in the workplace. Employers who focus on psychological safety create a workplace that promotes workers’ psychological well-being that actively works to prevent harm to worker psychological health.

Highlights of the webinar include:

Importance for Construction Employers: Gain understanding of the importance psychological health and safety in the workplace. By removing the technical and focusing on the practical, you will discover risk factors for poor workplace psychological health, and grain practical strategies for different levels of an organization to improve workplace psychological health.

Q&A Session: Engage in a Q&A session with a representative from WorkSafeBC to get your questions answered and gain deeper insights into psychological health and safety.

Featured panelists:

Steven Mah
OHS Consultant with WorkSafeBC’s Consultation & Education Services Department
James Buchan
Director, Health & Safety

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