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April marks a special time for us as we celebrate Construction Month, a period dedicated to acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and innovation that form the backbone of our sector. We are proud to announce that this year, CLR is a Bronze Sponsor of Construction Month. We’re excited to participate in the #LunchBoxChallenge, an initiative aimed at celebrating the unsung heroes of construction across BC. This year, we’re focusing our efforts on an exceptional crew in Victoria, highlighting their hard work and dedication. Keep an eye out for updates.

As the month progresses, our focus shifts to a solemn yet significant occasion. April 28 marks a day of reflection and tribute: the Day of Mourning. On this day, we remember those we’ve lost and honour the ongoing dedication of those who continue to work tirelessly in the construction industry. The CLR team will be present at Jack Poole Plaza, standing in solidarity and support of our shared goal to create safer workplaces. This day reminds us of the resilience and commitment that are the true backbone of our industry.

Join us as we embark on this journey through April, from celebrating achievements and dedication in Construction Month to reflecting and paying tribute on the Day of Mourning. For more information on how you can participate and support, visit Day of Mourning BC. Together, let’s acknowledge the resilience, hard work, and dedication that define our industry.